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Bagging Machine Extractors

JK Filters specialise in supplying, installing and maintaining Bagging Machine Extractors to companies of all sizes throughout the UK.

Many bagging machines will produce dust which needs to be extracted and filtered accordingly. Our expertise is able to help in assessing what Bagging Machine Extractor you need; supplying it and then maintaining it for its lifetime.

Our Bagging Machine Extractors

Below is a JKF 3-12 fitted in Grimsby, the system was to provide extraction for a bagging plant and tipping booths.

Bagging Machine Extractors

Benefits of our Bagging Machine Extractors

  • All our Bagging Machine Extractors are built in the United Kingdom
  • Made from fabricated and welded 4mm steel
  • We can install & modify your Bagging Machine Extractor for a wide range of uses
  • Bespoke 6 month Extractor System package

Our Bagging Machine Extractors are always in stock and available for immediate delivery and installation. Contact our experts today and we'll ensure that you receive the best value for money.

Contact us for our Bagging Machine Extractors

We have a wide range of experience supplying and installing Bagging Machine Extractors within all types of environment. Our Bagging Machine Extractors can be modified to suit your requirements and extraction needs. Call us today on 07801 741 430 to speak with our experts.


Order your Bagging Machine Extractor today

Order your Bagging Machine Extractor system today. Contact us direct on 07801 741 430 or fill in our online enquiry form discuss your requirements.

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