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Cartridge Air Filters

Our dust extractors can filter highly-contaminated volumes of air in a condensed format. The dust-laden waste gases enter through the side intake by vacuum or pressure. The gases are then filtered through the cartridges and exit through the vents into the clean air plenum. The clean air can then either be channelled outside or re-circulated depending on the application. Our dust extraction filters are easily changed, they also come in a non-woven material for those applications where non-woven cartridge air filters are suitable.

JK Filters Dust extractors have an extensive range of cartridge air filters available. These dust extractor cartridge air filters are technically advanced in design to give you the cleanest of returned air. These cartridges are cleaned by compressed air making the system highly efficient. cartridge air filters can save up to 40% on space in comparison to multi-pocket or tubular bag filters.

Applications of Cartridge Air Filters

The wider application of cartridge air filters in the 1990's forced the development of sophisticated technical medias to allow the design to be applied to a much wider range of duties. Spun polyester and PTFE laminated felts enabled the use of these filters in the food and pharmaceuticals industries and these units are now developed to a point where they offer a very low cost solution to a very wide range of dust control applications.

Cartridge Air Filters

Our Cartridge Air Filters

The JK Filters Reverse Jet cartridge air filter employs state of the art media options and a top line venturi assisted cleaning system in robust heavy duty housing at very competitive prices.

Cartridge Air Filters Features of our Cartridge Air Filters include:

  • Unit mounted fan set
  • Atex certified explosion relief venting
  • Inlet shrouds to prevent direct impingement onto the top tier of elements dust containers or screw conveyor /rotary airlock dust discharge.
  • A complete range of instrumentation and control gear to suit every process requirement.

Our Cartridge Air Filters are always in stock and available for immediate delivery and installation. Contact our experts today and we'll ensure that you receive the best value for money for your Cartridge Air Filters.

Cartridge Air Filter Design

The development of downward airflow designs and inclined media element configurations has resolved the issue of dust retention on the upper surface of the media. It also enables more compact Cartridge Air Filter design and enhanced cleaning efficiency as every element is cleaned by its own pulse valve instead of rows of elements cleaned by a jet pipe arrangement.


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Dust Extractor Maintenance
JK Filters have a team of fully skilled service engineers that can carry our servicing & repairs to most dust extraction filters and dust extraction systems.

LEV Testing
J K Filters offer full LEV Testing and Examinations for only £250+ vat per day.

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