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Plant Dust Extractors

Supply, Installation and Maintenance of Plant Dust Extractors

We are renowned for our plant dust extraction systems. Here at JK Filters we are a one stop shop for the design, manufacturing, installation and maintenance of plant dust extractor systems. Our range of products offer waste extraction solutions for almost any workplace. We take your designs and work with you to create the most suitable plant dust extraction system to suit your way of working. We offer a range of product extraction and filtration systems that are reliable, safe and efficient.

Our plant dust extraction systems are essentially air improvement systems, they allow you to safely and efficiently extract, capture and collect waste products given off by plant work. Our plant dust extraction solutions are profoundly effective in improving the quality of breathable air. Improving working standards within your plant increases production levels and overall profitability


Our Plant Dust Extractors

  • All our Dust Extractors are built in the United Kingdom
  • Made from fabricated and welded 4mm steel
  • We can install & modify your Dust Extractor for a wide range of uses
  • Bespoke 6 month Dust Extractor Maintenance package
Plant Dust Extractors Plant Dust Extractors Plant Dust Extractors


JK Filter Dust Extractors

Below are the JK Filter Dust Extractor models and specifications. For more technical information and help deciding which Plant Dust Extractor is right for your needs contact us direct on 07801 741 430.

Model Cartridge No. Media Area Airflow m3/hr Fan Power Kw
JKF28875 - 18454005.5
JKF31212112 - 27684007.5
JKF32424224 - 552168818.5
JKF33636336 - 8262520030
JKF34848448 - 11043360055
JKF36060560 - 13804200075
JKF37272672 - 165650400-
JKF41616150 - 3681120011
JKF43232232 - 73622400-
JKF44848448 - 11043360055
JKF46464464 - 14724480075
JKF48080580 - 184056000-

Our Plant Dust Extractors are always in stock and available for immediate delivery and installation. Contact our experts today and we'll ensure that you receive the best value for money.


Our Work History

We have a wide range of experience supplying and installing Dust Extractors within Factory environments. Our Dust Extractors can be modified to suit your requirements and extraction needs. See our Work History for previous Plant Dust Extractor projects.


Contact us for our Plant Dust Extractors

For more information regarding our Plant Dust Extractors contact us today. Call us direct on 07801 741 430 or fill in the online enquiry form below to discuss your Dust Extractor requirements.